Welcome to the Dome

Helping you cope day by day.

What is the Dome?

The Dome is a concentration of information, for a specific area, that helps the contained to cope with life in the Dome.

Andrew Cooper

If you don't like art, you're still going to want one of these.

Street Vendors

Want to support the local community? Here's how!

Cope in the Kitchen

Having trouble in the kitchen? Then check these Babes out!

Container Essentials

Guide to a Vegetarian

Thinking about changing your eating habits but find the thought difficult? Well here's a little guide to help you cope with that.

Become waste savvy

Keep it tidy! A guide to help our comunity stay green, so we can stay healthy.

Save Water

"To be or not to be, that is the question."- William Shakespeare.
Borehole vs Municipal